Our projects

Completed Projects

Take a stroll through Albany's Historic Washington Park. Near the lake house you will find 9 dwarf apple trees planted in April 2018. Golden Russet, Goldrush, Harrison, Idared, Otterson Crab, Roxbury Russet, Winecrisp and Winesap apple trees take up the small hillside. We invite the community to pick the apples and enjoy some time in their local urban apple orchard.

Upcoming Projects

We are looking forward to partnering with Pine Hollow Arboretum out of Slingerlands, NY as well as Arbor Hill Elementary in Albany, NY as we make plans to plant an orchard at Arbor Hill Elementary in Spring 2020. Check back for updates!

Commemorative Trees

Leave a lasting impression at an urban apple orchard. Donations may be made for new or existing trees in our gardens. A donor recognition plaque is included with each donation. Please email nyurbanorchards@gmail.com for more information and pricing.