building up communities through apples

building up communities through apples

building up communities through applesbuilding up communities through applesbuilding up communities through apples

About Us

Idared Apple Tree located in Washington Park in Albany, NY

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant and maintain apple orchards in urban areas in the State of New York, which will educate communities and provide public access to New York agritourism destinations. 


Our History

  Strengthening communities through the power of apples is at the core of New York Urban Orchards' vision. New Yorkers, from the Colonial era to modern day, have always sought to locally-produce agricultural products in their communities, whether it was Buffalo or Brooklyn. From the era of the victory garden to the rise of the community garden, there has been an insatiable demand to make our urban centers more sustainable. 

Sparked by a donation request by the Washington Park Conservancy in Albany, Nine Pin Ciderworks decided to take it a step further and asked: why not establish an apple orchard in Downtown Albany? Through a collaboration between the conservancy, Nine Pin, Samascott Orchards, and the City of Albany, an orchard of nine apple trees was planted in the city's historic Washington Park.

With the success of the budding orchard, several team members at Nine Pin Cider came together with the idea of bringing this same concept to the rest of New York State - especially as the state is number one nationally for varieties of apples grown.

Our goal is to plant orchards throughout New York State and invite communities to enjoy these unique agricultural gems and to learn about the historical, cultural and horticultural significance of apple orchards in New York.



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